Sunday, January 24, 2010

When I think Pride is OK

You hear it preached how wrong pride is, how pride goes before a fall, etc, but I feel like pride is ok when you realize it has absolutely nothing to do with us, and everything to do with God. This weekend was a big one for the Andersons! Adam was in Denver at our denomination's mid-winter conference and was being interviewed for ordination. This has been something he's been working towards for about 13 years, and finally he's been recommended for ordination! He will be ordained in Word and Sacrament this June in Minnesota. It will be a time of celebration for our family! My parents were here this weekend and we were planning our trip. I'm excited and I'm very proud of him, fully acknowledging it has nothing to do with me, and frankly not a whole lot to do with him, but mostly how God has been working in Adam's life oh these many years that this goal has been in front of him.

The boys were baptized today, which was super fun! Adam has been preaching on John the Baptist and his work preparing the way for Jesus, so Adam and his ministry leader (and more importantly his friend) felt God calling them to have our first baptisms at E(x)tol. The boys have been asking about baptism for a while, so it was a sweet moment for our family to have Adam's first baptisms be of our boys. I was proud of both our boys and Adam as well, again, fully realizing it has nothing to do with us but everything to do with God's working in their lives.

Another very precious moment was our friend reaffirming her baptism and her son being baptized. So amazing to see God's work!

There is a video on facebook on Ncc Extol's page if you want to check it out. Otherwise here are a few pictures.

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