Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Does anyone still check my blog? I don't blame you if you say no. It has been a while since I updated! With the New Year starting tomorrow a bunch of people in Facebook land have been asking who is making resolutions and what they are. Mine is sort of general, but if I follow thru will actually encompass quite a bit. I want to be more disciplined in the coming year: you know, setting my alarm and actually getting up, saying, "I'm going to do _____ today" and do it, oh and ACTUALLY updating my blog! Sometimes I feel there aren't enough hours in the day, but maybe, just maybe if I say I'm going to try to live a disciplined life I will find a bit more time to do the things that I want/need to do!
Must go drink some caffeine if I have any HOPE of staying awake for the New York New Year I told the boys we could celebrate together!
Happy New Year!