Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We interrupt your _______________

I have a few guilty pleasures, and those of you who know me know one is reality tv, and one is my love of People/Us/whatever kind of magazines Erin brings me. I must also admit, I have read both of Tori Spellings books. Love them, she is hilarious! I finished reading both of them while we were in Maui, and perhaps she has inspired me to write a book of my own to my children. Some things I would tell them...

It shouldn't surprise you that when the two of you play tag team wake mommy up in the middle of the night, so I sleep for two hours am awake for two hours and then sleep two more hours before you wake me up for the day, I am not going to be in a good mood. I know you don't have a clock in your room, and you've asked for one, but especially in the summer, if the sun isn't up yet, you shouldn't be either. Just saying...

The bathroom door is shut for a reason, and when I say I'll be done in a minute, I'll try to hold true to that promise. You banging on the door and yelling my name is not going to make things move along any quicker.

Along with the last one; when the shower is running, chances are that means I am in it, and am not able to log on to the computer for you or turn on your favorite tv show.

Oh, and daddy is a very capable man, so if he's home you can ask him to help you as well. Just in case that didn't cross your mind.

Yes, I love my kids and we're having a great summer. They have been troopers and have done/gone pretty much whatever/where ever might be on my agenda for the day. I love spending time with them, but really, is it asking too much to take a shower and go to the bathroom without interruption (I totally was going to say, "take a shower and a $&*#, because that would have gone so well together, but decided against - kind of)?

OK, that's all the complaining for now. Must go to bed because even though my 8th grade Science teacher told me you can never "catch-up" on missed sleep, it doesn't make me any less tired from my whopping 4 hours of sleep last night. The temperature has dropped a degree inside the house, so we're now at a frigid 87 degrees, brrrrrs! Anyone want to donate to the Anderson Screen Door fund, so we can keep our kitchen sliding glass door open at night to cool the house off, just let me know!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feeling hot, hot, hot!!!

Yes, it has been a while hasn't it. Where have I been? Ummmm...I don't know, busy? on facebook? watching my reality tv shows? blogging for e(x)tol ( - what would life be without a shameless plug or two). Who knows but it's super hot this week, and except for the basement, the kitchen in front of the fan is about the coolest place in the house. I don't actually mind the heat, and will miss it a few months from now when it's cold and rainy.
Do I even have anyone that checks my blog anymore? Who knows, perhaps if I update it more than once a year I'd get a few more readers. Anyway, I digress...
We have been busy, but then again, who hasn't! Wrapped up school, all three of us (me teaching, Jack preschool, Thornley 1st grade),

wrapped up church (July marked 7 years at Newport which means and eight week "sabbatical" for Adam - and I gave him the long awaited Vespa of his dreams),

Thornley earned enough points in the "Eager Beaver Bible Club" to get a new Bible (God bless the Ritzmanns!),

headed to Maui for two weeks thanks to some amazing and generous friends

and are back home readjusted to the time change and maybe, just maybe have caught up on the laundry/cleaning.

What's coming up? The boys are in a wedding this weekend; our babysitter Kaitlyn is getting married and has asked the boys to be ringbearers, should be cute if Thornley doesn't tackle Jack, or take off with the rings, then it's off to Bend for our usual week in Sunriver, and Adam and I have a little "getaway" planned before returning to church/work at the end of August.

So, I will try to be better about blogging, and hopefully I will remember to post pictures from the wedding this weekend!