Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Please don't put Thornley and Jack on the BB&G list (any questions - read Auntie Claus). And that's something that you'd probably want to tell your elves about that (Thornley thinks you'll laugh a ho-ho-ho here). Thornley wants a lego house and Jack wants a mega lightsaber and Jabba's Platform.
Enjoy your cookies!
Jack & Thornley
xoxoxo I love you Santa says Thornley

Jack thinks he can hear you in the distance, so it's time to go to bed!

Feeling a bit Grinch-like

Yep, still here - day who knows how many of snow and nastiness (and I'm not just talking about my mood) here in the Seattle area. I can't find the camera to take a picture, but there is still snow on the ground and still more snow falling from the sky.
I bought a cute dress a few weeks back with the intention of wearing it to the preschool Christmas program; program cancelled because of snow. No problem, I'll wear it to the Christmas Eve service at church, Christmas Eve service cancelled because of snow. I'll take a nap, cancelled because my husband woke me up to tell me there is no Christmas Eve service at church, and then I sat in the chair listening to the not so smart neighbor spinning his wheels (literally) trying to get his car unstuck from the felon's driveway.
HOPEFULLY, we can get out tomorrow to Mama and Papa Pearce's house for Christmas dinner. Otherwise, it's chicken nuggets and tater tots for Christmas dinner.
It's now time to defeat the basilisk in the chamber of secrets again, oh and take some Advil - backache due to shoveling the walk does not make my mood any merrier.
I know I should be happy for the snow, and my warm house, and that we haven't lost power, but I'm craving adult conversation and sights other than the inside of my house!
Bah-humbug (ok, that made me remember when I was in the Christmas play at church as a little girl - happy times)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Still Here

Day three of no school, and we're still here atop our hill. Adam is heading out, but I don't dare. I guess I will always be a California girl at heart and don't like driving in the snow and ice. It's not snowing today, but it's still cold. One bonus of the snow is, it does make our house look a lot prettier, so it photographs well!

So I'll try to finish our Christmas cards and perhaps get some gifts wrapped. We've been invited to a party tonight, I even have a babysitter lined up, but I think it'll be cancelled. And the boys - same stuff, different day!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Now THAT'S What I Call a Snow Day

There was no school yesterday because it had been reported that Blizzard 08 would arrive at any moment. How much snow we actually got yesterday, I have no idea, since it wasn't enough to stick, and it was in the 40's. This morning I looked at the window at 4:00, and again in the 5:00's (why am I having such a hard time sleeping?), to find there was no snow. At 6:30 Adam came in and announced that school had been cancelled again; now I was totally annoyed since the school year will go on forever because of these ridiculous snow days. Then I looked outside...

So I guess it's random dress-up and Wii day at our house.
I have more pictures to add, but I'm having a hard time! So, I'm off to address some more Christmas cards, wrap gifts, and make sure that the only people who get destroyed today are the Lego figures on the Wii.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Grande Finale

It was with mixed emotions that I watched cute Jack Jack's Christmas program last night.
Part of me was just plain nervous because my class of 3 girls and 13 boys was going on after Jack's class, and who knows what is going to happen when you give 13 4 year old boys handbells!
Part of me was so proud of Jack because he's just so stinking cute I couldn't wait to see him up there on stage.
And the other part of me was sad, because this is it! The last Christmas program for my kids. Granted, I will still have programs with my class, but my cute kids won't be on stage anymore.
Jack did a great job; knew all the words, but didn't do the motions, and rang his bell like a pro.
My class did great too, for the most part, and I was super proud of them.
And this year Mrs Chrissi had a grande finale, where all the kids up on stage at the same time singing a song together. It really was sweet (even though Jack missed it because he was playing in the library, and that's all I'll say about that).
OK, here are some pictures for your viewing enjoyment...
Jack getting ready to walk down the aisle

Jack ringing his bell so fast his hand was a blur

And here is a picture of my class, a bit blurry...

The No Snow Snow Day

A HUGE storm has been forecast for our area, which means, of course there will be no snow. Everyone has been gearing up for this big storm; we've put plan B,C and D in place for preschool since it is Christmas program time. The gifts have gone home for both the kids and their parents, we are READY for this storm.
And yet, there is no snow. It was supposed to start early morning - 4:00 a.m.'ish; I woke up around then and looked, no snow. My alarm went off at 5:30, still no snow. Cori called at 6:30 to say school was cancelled just incase the predicted storm came to fruition. So here I sit at 8:00 a.m., when I would normally be at work getting ready for the day and stable building, and it still isn't snowing!
Adam is pointing out that it's a good thing they cancelled school because WHAT IF it started snowing? How would they get all those kids home? Thornley is THRILLED to have the day off school, not realizing that whatever days he misses now he'll make up this summer; the school year is already extended because of the teacher strike at the beginning of the year. And I'm thinking, will other people think it's weird to have a Christmas program after New Years?
Well, I guess I should appreciate my no snow snow day and get some more Christmas prep work done.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

By jov, I think I've got it!

Yes! It came to me the other day - our family Christmas letter!! Just finished penning it, and it will hit the presses soon (ie - I'll go to church and copy it off - sshhhhhhh).
Oh, and we were at the Great Wolf Lodge this past weekend and took a somewhat decent family picture.
Yes, it's all coming together, and none too soon, I can't believe Christmas is here in just a bit over a week!
PS - it's currently snowing, AND sticking. Not a big deal, except Adam's car - you know the one, with 4 wheel's in the shop. hhhmmmmmmmm...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Do you think anyone would notice?

I am having a hard time with the whole Christmas card thing this year. The card, the letter, the whole bit. We took a picture when my parents were here over Thanksgiving and there was some camera (or perhaps user) error and the picture was deleted. So, we are without a recent family picture. And while I do have a good theme for my letter, it just isn't coming together like usual. What I'm wondering is, since not much has changed in the past year, do you think anyone would notice if I sent out the same picture and letter as last year? I did find some cute photo cards at Target, so that would be new. We have made a few new friends this year, so maybe we should just send cards to them; they'd never know, right?
I'm just feeling so uninspired! Bah humbug, I guess I'll go clean my bathroom (perhaps some inspiration with come then - or maybe not, that's kind of a gross thought).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Website Bio's

Adam likes to check out other church's websites, just to see what they look like, and they have going on. One thing I particularly like to look at is who is on staff and what they say in their bio's. What if you were looking at a church, and this is what the pastor's bio said...

My wife was smoking hot when we got married, but a few years and a few kids later now, not so much. We were so excited to have kids, until we actually did and now, while they are a blessing from God, they sure can drive me crazy! Oh, and I love to drink a beer or two in the evenings while watching mindless t.v.

Would you think, now there is an honest pastor, or I'm staying the heck away from that church!

Have you ever noticed how everyone's spouse is always awesome and their kids are the greatest things in the world?

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I do wonder those things from time to time.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oops, I Did it Again!

Yes, me and Brittney, so much in common!
It's Christmas luncheon time at church again, and every year I say, I'm not going to do a table next year, but every year I do a table. This is my table this year...

I went for the red/gold action, quite a switch from my usual love of blue/silver mix.
It was fun; good food, fun people at my table, and now I must wash all my dishes and silver.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Same, but Totally Different

So lately we have had some discussions about the cleanliness (or lack there of) of our house. My big frustration is that, truly, I clean and the next day it's dirty. I really do like a clean house, but sometimes I think it's an exercise in futility. So, I complain that I just vacuumed and the next day the house needs to be vacuumed again, which is frustrating - seriously, why must the dog shed so much? Adam's argument is that he too has to do the same things day in and day out, like studying and writing sermons. My only issue with this argument is that no one comes up to me and thanks me for my fabulous dusting job, and I highly doubt that people stop Adam in the halls and say how my clean toilet really spoke to them, and how he must be proud of the fact that our house always gives of a fresh clean scent.
Speaking of sparkling toilets - must go scrub mine!