Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Same, but Totally Different

So lately we have had some discussions about the cleanliness (or lack there of) of our house. My big frustration is that, truly, I clean and the next day it's dirty. I really do like a clean house, but sometimes I think it's an exercise in futility. So, I complain that I just vacuumed and the next day the house needs to be vacuumed again, which is frustrating - seriously, why must the dog shed so much? Adam's argument is that he too has to do the same things day in and day out, like studying and writing sermons. My only issue with this argument is that no one comes up to me and thanks me for my fabulous dusting job, and I highly doubt that people stop Adam in the halls and say how my clean toilet really spoke to them, and how he must be proud of the fact that our house always gives of a fresh clean scent.
Speaking of sparkling toilets - must go scrub mine!

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