Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The No Snow Snow Day

A HUGE storm has been forecast for our area, which means, of course there will be no snow. Everyone has been gearing up for this big storm; we've put plan B,C and D in place for preschool since it is Christmas program time. The gifts have gone home for both the kids and their parents, we are READY for this storm.
And yet, there is no snow. It was supposed to start early morning - 4:00 a.m.'ish; I woke up around then and looked, no snow. My alarm went off at 5:30, still no snow. Cori called at 6:30 to say school was cancelled just incase the predicted storm came to fruition. So here I sit at 8:00 a.m., when I would normally be at work getting ready for the day and stable building, and it still isn't snowing!
Adam is pointing out that it's a good thing they cancelled school because WHAT IF it started snowing? How would they get all those kids home? Thornley is THRILLED to have the day off school, not realizing that whatever days he misses now he'll make up this summer; the school year is already extended because of the teacher strike at the beginning of the year. And I'm thinking, will other people think it's weird to have a Christmas program after New Years?
Well, I guess I should appreciate my no snow snow day and get some more Christmas prep work done.

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