Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Do you think anyone would notice?

I am having a hard time with the whole Christmas card thing this year. The card, the letter, the whole bit. We took a picture when my parents were here over Thanksgiving and there was some camera (or perhaps user) error and the picture was deleted. So, we are without a recent family picture. And while I do have a good theme for my letter, it just isn't coming together like usual. What I'm wondering is, since not much has changed in the past year, do you think anyone would notice if I sent out the same picture and letter as last year? I did find some cute photo cards at Target, so that would be new. We have made a few new friends this year, so maybe we should just send cards to them; they'd never know, right?
I'm just feeling so uninspired! Bah humbug, I guess I'll go clean my bathroom (perhaps some inspiration with come then - or maybe not, that's kind of a gross thought).

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mkeene said...

We'd probably notice. I don't think we'd hold it against you though. Now that you're back on Facebook, it's like a Christmas Card all year round!