Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thorns' New Smile

Yay for Thornley! Thank goodness he's willing to pull his teeth out on his own, because frankly, I think it's kind of gross. This one has been loose for a while, so today he decided that he would eat an apple and told me to, "prepare to be amazed", and low and behold the tooth came out! Now there is a bloody mess on Jack's bed from where he spit the apple out once he realized his tooth had fallen out. Too bad it didn't happen last week, or this is how his school picture would have looked - I think he would have been pretty proud of that.
Must go clean up the apple mess (and the rest of the house for that matter).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Living the Dream

It was always my goal in life to be a room mom. Back before kids; when I had fantasies of being the best mom EVER, with the best kids EVER, who just adored me, hung on every word I said, and would NEVER think of saying no to me or doing ANYTHING to make me angry; I always wanted to be a room mom (well, and be skinny, but one out of two isn't bad).
So, at curriculum night a few weeks back, Thornley's teacher had a sign up for room parents; cha-ching!! I ran back there and put my name down. So today we had a "committee" meeting with the 4 other parents who also signed up; one being THAT MOM, (mentioned a few posts back), but whatever, I'm a room mom now, so I can deal :). I head to school for the meeting, meet the other moms, sign up to be in charge of class shirts (anyone want to design a logo for me?), and then we start talking about the first class party - celebrating the Day of the Dead. All the moms agree that we want it to be more harvest-ish (are you kidding, Thornley would freak out if they decorated coffins like one class did), so we're tossing around fall ideas and one mom will JUST NOT LET IT GO and is insisting on googling Day of the Dead and getting craft ideas. Um, hi, I understand you have 2 older sons and your youngest son just thinks that kind of stuff is so cool, but some of us don't embrace with whole "scary" thing, and didn't we just agree to be more harvesty?
I guess there is a downside to living the dream!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All Work and no Pumpkins Makes Jack a Mad Boy

Yesterday we went on a field trip to Kelsey Creek Farm/pumpkin patch. My friend, Andrea, who is Jack's teacher, and I decided to take our classes together, so I wouldn't have to take a day off to take Jack (in preschool the parents have to drive their kids to the destination and stay with them during the "trip") when his class went, and well, it just seemed like a good idea. The first tour was fun, met Farmer Jane, saw some animals, saw the barn, helped out in the barn preparing the "beds" for the animals (moving straw into the stalls), and then picking out pumpkins from the "pumpkin patch". Jack had fun, happily help the first time, but didn't get a pumpkin because he was with my class, and I wanted him to wait until he was with his class. The second tour with his class he did a bit of work, and was thrilled to get his pumpkin. By the time the afternoon came around, and we went on our third tour (same tour 3 times), Farmer Jane asked Jack if he wanted a bucket to help move the straw and he told her, "I'm tired, I've done enough work for you today".