Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Ideas

It's only day 1 of the new year and already I'm thinking, "Nah, I don't need to blog, I've got nothing to say". Well, nothing exciting that is - I always have something to say :)
Today I did my annual scrapbook day with some girlfriends, a tradition started years ago when we would hit our local haunt - The Bee's Knees, for their all day New Years crop. Sadly, TBK is no more, but the tradition continues, so today I loaded up my car with all my scrapbook paraphernalia and headed over to Cori's for a day of scrapping fun.
My oh so crafty, love her scrapbooks friend, Michelle, told us about a project she's been working on. Last year she committed to Project 365 which is where you take a picture a day and journal about it. She showed me her (super cute - I'm jealous) album with the fun pictures and stories about life at her house. What a fun idea! So this year, I decided along with blogging more, I'm going to try that out.
That got me to thinking, how often do I just go day to day trying to get thru one day and on to the next. I thought this might be a good way to make me stop and think about our day - the good and the bad - and remember life in our family.
If you think this sounds fun and want more info, here is the site
Adam is getting the dad of the year award because he's taking the boys to do super fun stuff this week! I think he's making me look bad - although, I did take them to Chuck E Cheese AND Family Fun Center. He and the boys spent the morning at the aquarium (membership already paid for itself - yay) and the afternoon at the zoo. I'm so glad my kids like that kind of stuff and that Adam is patient enough with them to let them look and explore and enjoy - not just get from one exhibit to another!
And on a total side note, what's with the Pac 10 and Bowl games this year - dang!
See, I told you I always had SOMETHING to say!

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