Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Things that make Meghan Cry

I'm not known to be a big crier, or at least before kids I wasn't known as a big crier. But there are a few things that make me cry, always, no matter what.
Survivor videos from home. I remember watching Survivor Australia in our living room in Idaho and they got videos from home and I sat on the couch and cried and cried. I'm sure I was home alone, bawling because these people were seeing videos of their loved ones from home.
Biggest Loser Finale. Just discovered this show two seasons ago, and I always cry at the finale. Don't know what it is, but the whole before/after transformation gets me every time.
Graduations. No matter what, I cry. I cried when Thornley "graduated" from Kindergarten, and it was just a silly 15 minute ceremony in class.
Confirmation. Every year on confirmation Sunday, there I am, listening to the 8th graders testimonies crying.
Baptisms. Whether I know the people or not, I cry. This summer I was visiting a church and it was baptism Sunday; I knew not a soul in the building and I sat there and cried.
Hmmmm...maybe I do cry alot and I'm just in denial.
Adam is planning E(x)tol's first baptisms, so I asked the boys if they wanted to be baptized. They asked if they had to be dunked in the lake and we said no, it was just sprinkles on Sunday at church, and here are their responses...
Me, "Thornley, do you want daddy to baptize you?'
Thornley, "In the lake, heck no."
Me, "No, just at church, this is what he'd do (proceeded by me showing him how you "sprinkle" baptize), all you have to do is say that you've asked Jesus to live in your heart. Does Jesus live in your heart?"
Thornley, "Duh, of course he does mommy, remember?"
Although, Thornley does not like being in front of people, so this is stressing him out a little. I assured him that E(x)tol is very dark, so he won't really be able to see too much. He's looking forward to it (I think).
Jack rounds the corner, so I say, "Jack, do you want daddy to baptize you?"
Jack, "Yah, sure, that sounds good."
End of conversation.
So if I cry when random unknowns are baptized, you might want to buy some stock in Kleenex before the weekend of Jan. 24th!

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