Saturday, May 3, 2008

Oh Happy Day

In most aspects of life Thornley is a little Adam, except when it comes to party time. Thornley LOVES parties, he likes to help me plan them, he likes to go shopping for them, he likes almost everything about them (except cleaning up before and after, but really who can blame him for that?). The one thing about Thornley is he always picks a random theme, but without fail, the year AFTER we throw him whatever party he chooses, the stores will be filled with party supplies in that theme. Last year it was Larry Boy, a stretch, but it was fun. This year Thornley chose a webkinz theme. GREAT!, no invitations, no napkins, no nothing, so here is what we came up with...

The guests (all 10 of them; two couldn't come) arrived and we went into Chef Gaspacho's kitchen and made cupcakes, a bit of a stretch for 6 year old boys. We then headed outside for our gem hunt. Gems were hidden in Easter eggs, but don't be fooled, not all eggs contained gems, some were rocks or "slag" and you had to keep hunting. Once the gems were found, they headed inside to make their crown of wonder...

We also played Bullseye Batter where they hit the ball off a tee towards a target hanging from our basketball hoop. They really seemed to enjoy this one and some of them hit the bullseye every time!

We also had a fun pie throw - sorry to our neighbors who now have whipped cream all over the far corner of their backyard!

All the while everyone was earning KinzCash, which they spent at the end at the W-Shop, which I'm bummed I didn't get a picture of. I put out a bunch of candy, gum, little toys, glow sticks, etc and the kids could buy stuff for their goody bag with their KinzCash.

One spin on the Wheel of Wow, where they could get trading cards, a ring pop, a pencil, or another trip to the W-Shop was the end of the party.

Now I'm left with a bunch of leftover candy, a messy house, and a happy 6 year old!

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