Thursday, May 29, 2008

The 6 million dollar dog

Move over Lee George, the 6 million dollar dog. Although, nothing is robotic, or controlled by a computer chip or two. Nope, just a lot of pain medication and IV drips going on here. We've decided we're going to change his name to Europe, or perhaps Summer Vacation, since we could have taken some nice trips with the money we're going to have to give the vet when George comes home. He is still at the vet, and will remain there until at least Sat. They started giving him water yesterday in the late afternoon and he has been able to tolerate that. We stopped by for a visit today after lunch, and he was happy to see us, but as we were in the OR and they were about to start a procedure (which I for one would have loved to watch), we couldn't stay long. They are going to introduce food to him this evening and see how he does with that, and if all goes well he should come home on Sat. Which is a bit of a silver lining for us, since we're going to be gone tomorrow night and would have had to get a dog sitter. The down side is we usually pay $20 a day, not $200. He is in good hands, and I do appreciate the vet being cautious. Adam and I did, however, agree that even though we love George, if this happens again we will miss him.
On the bright side, I vacuumed on Tuesday, and the floors are still clean.

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