Thursday, May 15, 2008

Great Expectations

Tomorrow is Thornley's 6th birthday. Hard to believe 6 years has passed! He brings me such joy, and such frustration!! i've always said he is a little Adam, but more and more I'm seeing bits of me in there too (not always a good thing, either).
This morning I said, "tomorrow is your big day!!"
To which he replied, "yes, and I expect my presents on my bed when I wake up".
I knew it was a bad idea to put his Easter gift on his bed!
I will put ONE on his bed, and the rest ON THE TABLE to greet him when he wakes up.
Speaking of his birthday, I guess I should get his "favors" ready for his class tomorrow. His class doesn't do food on birthdays, but each child can bring something for all the kids in the class. Thank goodness for $1 bins! Each boy is getting a Spiderman pen and each girl a Strawberry Shortcake bracelet.
How funny, that as I look at the clock and am about ready to post this, about this time 6 years ago we were headed to the hospital.

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