Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back in the day...

OK, so I hate it when people tell stories and start with, "When I was...". If you share those feelings, you can just stop reading now.

I know we live in Bellevue so things are a bit above and beyond the norm, but really. The other day I received an email from one of the room moms from Thornley's class reminding us that teacher appreciation week is next week. Now, being a teacher myself, I'm all about appreciating my kids' teachers. I love Thornley's teacher and her assistant and of course can't say enough about those dear, sweet Young 3's teachers that Jack has, and I do let them know from time to time how much I appreciate them and all their hard work. I have to say, though, I think they're going a bit above and beyond for teacher appreciation week at Thornley's school (and I know his isn't the only school, I've talked with friends in other districts)...Monday is breakfast and coffee day, where people are bringing in their espresso machines and making coffee for the teachers, Tuesday is flower and card day so each kid brings in a flower and a card made from a template that they send you, Wed is car wash day so parents are supposed to volunteer to wash the teacher's car, Thursday is a luncheon where people are supposed to sign up and bring things for a special lunch, and Friday is chocolate basket day (not sure where all this chocolate is coming from).

Now, here it comes...when I was teaching in the public schools in California we got A PEN yep, that's right, a single, solitary pen with the school district's name. I can't remember what happened in Idaho, maybe a pencil or a lanyard type thing for our keys - who knows.
Maybe it's time to renew my credential...(just kidding, Adam, I LOVE my job at the preschool!)

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