Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Reality Soapbox

I am tired today because I did stay up and watch After the Final Rose with Brad and the rejected gals. I must say, while he didn't articulate his thoughts well (which I probably wouldn't either in front of all those people), I do have to say I respect his decision to let both of them go. I'm sure he really liked them, but just didn't see them as being good partners for the rest of their lives. I don't know why so many people are so mad, since with the exception of Trista and Ryan and Byron and Mary, none of the relationships last anyway. I guess they want to see a happy ending, and then read a few months later that they've broken up. Who knows.
As far as Dancing with the Stars goes, truly, people need to stop voting for Marie! While I don't think Jennie is the best dancer (maybe I'm just carrying over my feelings for my dislike of her on 90210) I DO think she's better than Marie. I think from now on Helio will get all my votes (ok - so there's only one show left, but anyway...) I love Mel B and she and Max are great together, but really, Helio has come the farthest, since Mel B is a Spice Girl and all.
Speaking of Spice Girls, can you believe my husband has no idea who they are, and never heard one of their songs? I guess I need to download some for him from iTunes. People of the world, spice up your life!!
Now just speaking of spice - I'm making a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving - even making the crust! What am I thinking?!


Rebecca said...

No kidding about Brad, etc. Such a weird ending!! I think in the end, I agree - I think he made a great decision in respecting himself and the girls.. I think what was crummy was hearing that he was so All or Nothing. He had her DAD flown down? How could you go from possibly proposing to a gal, to absolutely nothing? I guess maybe it just dawned on him that she wasn't the one at all... strange. I think that maybe his biggest issue, which he kept trying to articulate, but failed at, was that he was dating two girls at once - and could not figure out how he could feel genuinely in love with both - so he decided that it must not be love at all. Poor everyone! I know, TWO couples, out of what, 11?? How many seasons now???

Rebecca said...

Check that out - I think Jen Scheft and Brad should hook up.

Meghan said...

The dad thing boggles my mind too, but I do think he liked her and wanted it to work, but in the end was honest. Can you imagine if Rob asked your dad and then was like - oops!!