Monday, November 5, 2007

I want a refund!

The boys have been coughing for weeks and weeks! So today I decided that I couldn't handle one more night of being woken up by one coughing, going back to sleep, only to be woken up again a short while later by the other one coughing. Someone was getting medicine - if not the boys than me (perhaps in a different form than an antibiotic - if you know what I mean). So off we go to the doctor - and I hate going to the doctor on a Monday with all the weekend sicklies, but I figured the afternoon might not be as bad as the morning. We go, I pay my co-pay (twice, since they both got checked out), we sit, we are let into the room, we sit some more, the doctor comes in (I love our pediatrician), and now this is the part that gets me - are they wheezing, no; ear infections, no; sinus infection, no; not even a cold! I paid $40 to have the doctor tell me my kids have post nasal drip!!!!!!!!!
Pardon me while I go self medicate!!

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