Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm Shocked!

In what ABC billed to be the, "most shocking ending in Bachelor history", Brad Womack did what most should have done in the past - said goodbye to both girls. I mean, truly, I think the most shocking ending ever is the fact that Ryan and Trista are still together! I wasn't going to watch this season because I was so annoyed that Andy and Tessa broke up (I did like them together), but I watched the first show and then had to see it thru to completion. I didn't really care for either of the two girls in the end, although, I did think Deanna was the better choice for him (although, I wonder how many times she swore in front of him, because she certainly let some fly when he wasn't around).
Thank goodness all my reality shows are on different schedules! What would I do if they all ended at the same time? Maybe get caught up on cleaning and laundry - na.
Hopefully I'm not shocked by the Dancing with the Stars results show. I really hope Marie leaves this week, and that either Mel B or Helio wins.
I am going to watch After the Final Rose to see what Brad has to say for himself, but I've got to say as "shocking" as the ending was, I'm shocked past participants haven't had the guts to do the same!


Rebecca said...

It's so weird - you and I like the opposite girls. I fell in love with Jenni. I think she was sooo genuine, sweet, crazy, fun, totally someone I'd be friends with =-), and BEVIN - my absolute favorite. Tessa and Dianna to me present the more quiet "good girl" thing - =)... Anyway, it never works out. Was Trista and Ryan - was she the Bachelorette in that case? Maybe that's why it worked out - she knew how to pick.

How come no one else has comments??? =)

Meghan said...

I like Jenni, just not for him. I think she'd be a fun friend to have - kind of like you, but you don't do dance moves all the time!