Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Sparkling Celebration

What did you do today, Meghan? Well, thanks for asking, today I had a bridal shower for my friend Jenny. Jenny was Adam's intern for 3 years, and saved the day during the year of "the Rash", and came back to work for Adam when he had to let an intern go. Jenny and Connor are getting married the weekend of Oct. 4th, and Adam is officiating the ceremony (hopefully, unless he gets the stomach flu again).
You people know me well enough to read my blog, so I'm assuming you also know I never "re-party". Re-gift, heck yah, but re-party, NEVER! Each party is thrown with a specific person in mind, and should be unique to them. It's THEIR special day, not just another day for me to throw out decorations and have the same party I had for the last person I threw a party for. Both my boys wanted Toy Story parties when they turned 3, and both boys had Toy Story parties when they turned 3, and both parties were totally different (except of course, the napkins).
So what type of shower should I have for Jenny? There is only so much you can do with a bridal shower, that's at church. I found super cute invitations at Target, and my theme was born...A Sparkling Celebration. Everything was silver with blue accents, and I found CUTE diamond ring confetti at the party store. Jenny didn't want people to buy things off her registry, she wanted help decorating her house, so I decided we were going to, "help add sparkle to Jenny & Connor's house".
For the big game, I went around to many a Goodwill this week and last and bought random trinkets that could be used to decorate. Then bought some banker's boxes from Target, and called my game Design on a $1.99. Everything I bought was $1.99 or less, and each team took a box, took 5 things off the table of trinkets and had to design a room. It was so fun, and everyone was super creative!
Jenny lived with a family for 2 years while she was the youth intern, and the woman that she lived with thought it would be funny to go to Goodwill and buy some super tacky decor and wrap it really pretty and give to Jenny as gag gifts. It was so funny watching her open gifts and try to be polite about them, when they were really hideous!
Janet brought her chocolate fountain and of course the food was AMAZING!!
I wish I had brought my camera so I could have shown the creativity! Truly a fun celebration!!

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