Saturday, September 27, 2008

His boots weren't made for walkin, I guess

Every year Thornley's school has their BIG fundraiser, which is a walk-a-thon. The kids participating all get sponsors and then walk around the "track" after school for 3 hours (give or take). Thornley REALLY didn't want to participate this year, but I said it was either that or go door to door with Sally Foster catalogs (really, they have cute paper, if you want some let me know), and the walk-a-thon won. The event is a bit crazy, and they pack a TON of stuff in a small space; t-shirt sales, raffle ticket sales & items, bake sale, beverages (water & coffee, don't get too excited), etc.
Adam got to Thornley's school at 3:30, in time to find Thornley and get him "registered". Jack and I arrived shortly thereafter (yes, this is a whole family event, which adds to some of the craziness), bought some raffle tickets, some water, and something from the bake sale and started walking. Last year I made Thornley walk 20 laps, this year we didn't quite make that many, but he certainly complained as if we'd walked 200.
So, I'd had enough of the whining and complaining (and they didn't serve dinner this year, and I was hungry), so we left early. Only to receive a phone call a short while later saying that we were the lucky winners of the Web-kinz basket. Yippee!
Thanks for everyone who sponsored him - he did make enough to get his free t-shirt.

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