Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's all fun at the game, until someone gets some germs

Last night we went to the Mariners game with Mark and Cori. I knew there would be some fun and laughter, but I never thought there would be this much laughter...We get settled in our awesome seats (shout out to Papa Pearce), with our amazing new cell phone holders (courtesy of the freebie on the way into the game) which Adam put to good use right away,

and then what do our eyes behold?????!!!!!!!

The woman with the orange (burnt orange, to be exact) hair and the MASK! What the stink is this mask for you may ask, good question, none of us had the guts to go ask, but it did make for some lively conversation. Especially when the people behind us noticed it. Adam thought it would be funny to go sit behind her and start coughing and talk about awaiting the results of his TB test, and the jokes went on, and of course, he HAD to google breathing apparatuses on his phone, but we still couldn't figure out what the stink she was doing with this contraption on! And if you're so afraid of germs, why wouldn't you wear gloves, and why would you go to a ball game in the first place?
24 hours later and still so many unanswered questions. Thornley is very intrigued, and I think we may have found his Christmas gift!

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