Thursday, September 11, 2008

I have a dream

Call me Martin Luther King/Rosa Parks for the canines. I have a dream that one day all canines regardless of breed or fur color will be treated as equals. I know, you think the teacher's strike has finally tipped me over the edge (which is possibly true), but it's true! Had you said this yesterday I wouldn't have believed it either, but today, I witnessed with my own eyes and heard with my own ears: canine discrimination, and at the zoo of all places!
Today being day 8 of the teachers strike, and being a Thursday (meaning I didn't have to go to work) Cori and I took the people to the zoo. We didn't see too many animals, but the kids sure had a fun time playing in the little play area by Bug World. But I lunch time we went to the little "cafe" (and I use the term loosely) area by the birds (that's right, I like to be as close to WE's at all times), when we saw "the act" taking place. Now I must admit, I was in line at the time, and not in earshot, but Cori was and told me all about it (well, the words she could repeat infront of the little people).
So we see a few interesting characters walking by, one of whom has his dog with him. Not to pass judgement, but I'm not sure how these people even got thru the gates, because they looked as if they spent the night on the streets, and had a "liquid breakfast". Shortly after they walked by where we were sitting, security was on their tail. They must have caught up with them and had a few words, because this is what was overheard...
"@#$&*, I mean I don't even have my walking stick with me" (mind you, he MAY have been visually impaired, but since the dog didn't have one of the "working dog" jackets on, or even the special harness, I'm thinking the visual issues may be due to something else)
and is the kicker...
"I mean, if he was a white dog they wouldn't have said anything."
Yes folks, sad but true!

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