Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Out of the Mouth of my Babe

Last I heard, grandma is declining, but still with us, see what I mean about being Survivor?! She is a little fighter, that's for sure. While it is sad that she will soon be gone, I am so thankful for sweet Thornley who keeps putting things in perspective for us. We are leaving for vacation tomorrow, to spend a week in Sunriver. While I was packing, the boys asked how long we were staying, and I said hopefully a week, but it depends on Gigi. Thornley asked if she was suffering, because he knows none of us want her to suffer. I said I didn't think so, she had been given some medication this afternoon that would help her feel better if she was. Then he asked, "Will her celebration be in California mommy? You know, when we celebrate her and her life". And I thought, wow!, my 6 year old is one smart kid, and I'm so thankful that he is around to remind me of the other side of grief, the side where, while you're still sad they're not here anymore you can remember and celebrate the time you had together.
How DID he get so smart?
Oh, I did get to "talk" to grandma today. Mom held the phone up to her ear so I could say hi and tell her I love her. That made me happy.

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