Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I should be cleaning, but this IS for a good cause

I should be cleaning the house, and then heading off to work to clean our classroom. Yesterday, Andrea, Laurie and I spent the morning pulling everything out of the cupboards and drawers and keeping what we wanted and tossing what we didn't. We had HUGE piles to throw away, and now are left with the task of putting stuff back in an organized way, hoping that we remember what we have! The joys of 2 new teachers inheriting a classroom. Really, I am excited about the upcoming year, but there is so much to do, I get overwhelmed and don't do anything. Very similar to my house being extremely dirty, and I don't know where to start, so I'm sitting in front of my computer, dorking around.
Today I got an email from Eddie Bauer with some stinking cute shoes pictured at the bottom, so of course, I had to look, because I love shoes and I love Eddie Bauer. I clicked on the picture and was taken to their website and saw that you can support breast cancer by purchasing some of their shoes. I'm all about supporting the cause. My grandma survived breast cancer, our neighbor has breast cancer, a friend from church is also a survivor. My friends, Arlene and Darla, started this company where part of their proceeds from their pink ribbon line go to the Susan G Koman foundation http://www.purlstitchdesigns.com/Pink%20Ribbon%20Apparel.htm
Anyway, back to my point, so I found these cute shoes, not totally practical for life in Washington, especially as we're approaching fall, and by the looks of the clouds it may rain today, but hey, it's about supporting the cause.

The shoes cost $50, but I see no mention of how much goes to breast cancer research, and then I spied the fine print - get this, they only donate $2. I'm thinking, really, only $2? Even if they'd given $5, they could have said 10%, which is only $3 more, but sounds much better.
OK, now I think I'm officially rambling and must head to the bathrooms with Lysol and scrub brush in hand!
But they are really cute......

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