Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Grandma

My grandma is awesome! I love my grandma. If my grandma was a reality TV show (which is the upmost praise from me, being compared to a reality TV show) she'd be Survivor. She survived breast cancer, a heart attack, 75 1/2 years of marriage (ok - so technically she didn't survive that, she loved my grandpa and they amazed us all when they reached the 75 year mark), and that has all been within the last 10 years or so. Grandma had a stroke late Sunday night/early Monday morning. Grandma is a woman of routine, so when her neighbor noticed grandma hadn't picked up her paper Monday morning, she was concerned (thank goodness for the neighbor) and rightly so.
I remember praying when my grandpa passed away a year and a half ago, that God would give us a few more good years with grandma, and thinking what in the world will we do when the dreaded day comes and grandma passes away. Unfortunately, it looks like that might be something we have to figure out now, which makes me super sad because I adore my grandma! At 93 1/2 she has lived a fabulous life, and as Thornley reminded me yesterday, "she is old and old people die, but she is happy mommy". While all that is true, and does give comfort that I've enjoyed 38 years with her (well, actually about 34, since I don't really remember the first few years of my life, but I'm sure they were good), and she has gotten the chance to know my boys and Thornley for sure will remember her, which not many people can say, it still makes me sad that the day is fast approaching that we'll say our goodbyes. And then I'll have to speak at her memorial, which as I said at my grandpa's service, makes me so nervous, I could puke, but again I'll do it because my grandma is awesome and I love her!
The picture is of my mom, grandma, and aunt at my grandparent's 75th anniversary party in May of 2006 - isn't she a cutie?!


cori said...

Grandma does NOT look 90!

Meghan said...

I know! I told you she was awesome!

Rebecca said...

Hey Meghan! I know what you mean. I love my Grandma more than pretty much, most people :). She rocks. She's 84 going on 30. She goes on dates, she's busier than I am. She talks about "dirty" stuff, and tells me to "quit my bitching" every now and then, she cracks me up. She is godly, prayerful, wonderful - it would be a very sad time for me to loose her... So I know how hard it must be to see the end of your Grandma's road... hang in there... It's so special to have that kind of a relationship with a grandparent, not too many people do.