Monday, August 25, 2008

I Pray for Thornley's Future Wife

And I don't mean this in the "Somewhere in the World Today" overused wedding song of the 90's (sorry if I just offended you). No, instead I pray for her because this is the conversation we had today...
"Mommy, how many kids can you get?" (obviously Thornley talking)
"What do you mean, like how many can you have?"
"Well, you can have as many as you want."
"Good, because I want a whole clone army and the whole Skywalker family, so at least 300."

Jon & Kate Plus 8 watch out!


Rebecca said...

Let's see... 300 kids. 9 months of pregnancy each time, plus at least, hopefully 2 months break inbetween - so roughly a kid a year... So, that's about 300 years worth of childbearing... wow. Good luck Thornley. Not to mention the deeds to takes to make the children!

cori said...

I love it! Should I tell Lauren to get her uterus ready?