Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's in a name?

Do you think God knew, when I named my blog, that I would have a day like today? My day can be summed up in two words (well, three, if you count the word and), that really, when you think about it go hand in hand. Those faint of heart might not want to read further...
Puke and laundry, yep, that's right it's 9:00 and I just put the last load in. Today at breakfast Thornley said his tummy hurt, whatever, he complains of that from time to time when he drinks his juice too fast, or the inevitable, he has to poop. So we kind of blew him off, and I told him if he'd hurry and get ready we'd go to Starbucks for chocolate milk on the way to school. This seemed to perk him up, as did the few minutes of the Harry Potter game we played.
We get in the car, everyone buckled in and we're off. We don't get to the bottom of the hill and Thornley pukes (good thing the lunch bag only cost $1 - it was the first thing in the trash can when we got home). We get home and he changes into his beloved halloween costume and is running around the house, not acting sick at all. That didn't last long! Between the hours of 9 a.m., and about 3 p.m. massive amounts of vominating (Thornley's word, and very fitting in this situation) occurred. Poor guy - and poor me, by 3:00 I felt like I had been up for 2 days straight! Cori and Jen both ran errands for me; Jen first getting 7-Up and Gatorade for Thornley (and coming to a slow roll and throwing it towards the door to avoid any possible germs),and then Cori to get me a much needed Diet Coke - grocery shopping was on my list of things to do today. Hallelujah for helpful friends!! Hope I don't need to repay the favor - if you know what I mean.
No way to tell that story creatively and I'm far too tired to be funny. The puke has stopped for now, and since he wanted to sleep in his own bed, hopefully it will stay that way for all our sakes (especially Jack on the bottom bunk). And if what I hear is true about this lovely disease, I ran to the grocery store tonight to get more toilet paper because we were running low (if you get my drift).
Now I'm praying that none of the rest of us catch it. Jack was a huge help getting my gloves whenever I needed to clean anything up, and when he'd hear Thornley do the "I'm going to puke" cough, he'd run into the room and yell at him, "Do it in the bucket, get it all in the bucket".
As soon as the sheets come out of the dryer and I make the sixth bed of the day (pretty amazing, when you consider we only use 3 beds), I'm there, hoping and praying no one vominates for a VERY LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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