Monday, January 14, 2008

The testosterone of it all

The boys received an aquarium for Christmas, so we finally got around to getting them a fish. We brought Darth Vader home on Friday and when he is done acclimating to the tank, we will go to the store and purchase Harry Potter.
Today was a long day for us, and after swim lessons we had to meet Adam at Starbucks and drop something off for him. Convenient that this particular Starbucks was right next to a grocery store because we also had to grocery shop. On the other side of the grocery store is a party store, so we went in to see if I could find anything for an upcoming bridal shower. Jack found Hedwig, Harry's owl and begged for it. So, Hedwig in tow we went to the grocery store, where the boys told me that Hedwig is a boy, and the only girl allowed in the house is me. Other than that it's all boys, all the time.
On a side note, Thornley is doing awesome with his swim lessons. He's moving up to the next level (ie - knows how to float on his own) when he starts his next round of lessons.

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