Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome to Hogwarts

As I mentioned a few posts ago, the boys received an aquarium for Christmas. Darth Vadar was purchased and lasted 3 days. The volcano in the aquarium was much like the lava pit in Star Wars (although, I realize that was Darth Maul, not Vadar); somehow Darth Vadar got stuck in the volcano and that was the end of him. He never did swim straight after that. It was a sort of Nemo moment, you know, swim to the light...
Anyway, we waited a few days, kept the pump running, put some chemical or another in the tank, and tried to "prep" our tank a bit further for the arrival of more fish. Since today was MLK day and the boys didn't have school, I told them that today was the day and we could go get another fish. Thornley of course wanted to get another black molly and have Vadar the 2nd, but Jack insisted it was his turn to pick a fish and it would be Harry. After the movie we met Adam at the pet store. He got there a few minutes before us and had researched, as only Adam can, the different types of fish (other than a Beta) that would do well in our tank. Harry, Ron, and Hermione now live on our bathroom counter. Hopefully these will last a bit longer, but the guy told me today to keep our receipt, and if the fish die in 15 days or less to bring in the dead fish and a sample of our water (a shame really, since the boys like to have a ceremony and bury the fish).
Oh, and we bought a $65 brush that they've guaranteed will cut way down on our dog hair issue. I'll keep all you dog owners posted on that one!

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