Friday, November 21, 2008

What Jack is Thankful For

Today was Jack's Thanksgiving Feast in class. It worked out great, while my class was at gym I was in Jack's class at his feast. His teacher, Andrea, always does an awesome job with the parent parties. Jack's class has been cooking and working on many Thanksgiving crafts (I may even copy one of them next year:)). True to form, the parents arrive, then the class comes in and sings a few songs - my all time fav the Mr Turkey and Mr Duck song; I look forward to it every year.

Then they go down the line and say what they're thankful for. Jack's list of things he's thankful for...God, and his grammy and papa. Now, I too, am thankful for grammy and papa - they're great, and the boys are so excited to see them this coming week, but HELLO! I didn't even make the list! Here is a picture of Jack and me at his feast (I guess since grammy and papa weren't there he could take a picture with me).

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