Thursday, November 20, 2008

Scout's Honor

I am not a big fan of signing my kids up for this sport, and that class. For one, it costs a stink of a lot of money, and also takes a heck of a lot of time taking them from place to place. This year, however, I did think Thornley would enjoy Cub Scouts and decided to sign him up. He is in a Den with some boys from church, and some boys he went to preschool with. They really are a cute group of boys, and I think the program is right up Thornley's alley. He's already gotten a badge or two; gone to the library for a tour (and got his own card), seen a play, and is going to visit the fire station on Sat. He gets so excited for the meetings and comes home and tells me all about the cool stuff they do. And he gets a uniform, which, if you know Thornley, you know he's ALL about the uniform! Here he is with his Den during their first "official" meeting.

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