Friday, November 21, 2008

Imitation is the Sincerest form of Flattery

Apparently, I got in trouble the other day, funny thing is, no one actually talked to me about it, they talked to another teacher at the preschool. I guess I copied a craft another teacher uses, which I don't see as a big deal, especially since we don't have the same kids, but apparently I was wrong, and it is a big deal. So, I'm thinking, if you don't want me to do the same crafts as you photocopy your lesson plan book and give it to me at the beginning of the year, so I know what you're doing because when I pick my themes and plan my calendar, I just google my themes and pick and choose my crafts. I copy Andrea's crafts all the time, because they're awesome and she doesn't mind! I've got some sweet Christmas gifts going home this year thanks to Andrea's awesome craft ideas!
I have also copied Matt and given up on the facebook-ness of it all. I would update my facebook far more often than my blog, but one of the problems is my mom doesn't have facebook, but she does check my blog. So hopefully, not spending time on facebook will find me spending more time updating my blog (not necessarily cleaning the house, like some may hope). Today for example, I believe I will have 2 entries! Almost doubled my November posts in one day!
I have to download the pics from Jack's Thanksgiving Feast and start working on that post!


Matt Nightingale said...

Wow... You actually deleted your Facebook account? I did not expect that. (I'd go check, except... well, you know... I deleted *my* account.) So amazing to have 40+ hours back every week, isn't it? :)

cori said...

I feel like I'm reading a novel this week! Reading all these new blogs in one day!!!!