Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Night Tonight, Big Day Tomorrow!

Big stuff going on here at the Anderson house! We lead such exciting lives!

Not only is TONIGHT the Dancing with the Stars finale! But my mom will be here tomorrow night to watch the awarding of the mirror ball trophy with me! Only fitting, since my mom is the one who got me in to the show in the first place. You better believe I'm tuning in tonight AND voting on my phone and online. Go Lance Bass!!

And then, tomorrow, I'm getting my hair cut, and perhaps even a bit of a style. Haircuts are expensive here, so I get my hair cut like twice a year maybe, and frankly I'm a bit sick of it. Still will be long-ish, still curly, still able to pull up in a ponytail, but yes, perhaps a bit different than just hanging down all curly-like. The boys are getting cuts too; Thornley wants his spikey on top - I think he'll look cute that way!

OK - people are yelling, and I must vacuum because YAY my mom and dad arrive tomorrow morning!

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