Friday, July 11, 2008

The Perfect End to the Perfect Day

Today dawned early for the Andersons - it was garage sale day!!
Cori called a while back saying she was having a garage sale and did I have anything to contribute, which of course I did. I dragged down the bins from garage sales past of stuff that didn't sell and went thru toy chests and closets one last time. I had told the boys that if they would contribute some toys they no longer played with, when the garage sale was over we'd go buy a new toy. They were great and with every bag I packed they were ok with all that was getting sold.
We were off at 7:30, with Starbucks and Krispy Kremes in hand.
All in all it was a good day, I got rid of trash (I mean, my trash, but someone else's treasure), and collected a nice sum of money. The boys went to play at the Patricks, which, what 4 year old boy wouldn't loved being watched by a pretty 17 year old girl WITH A TRAMPOLINE IN HER YARD (I'm sure Thornley was smitten too, but he declared his love for another last night, Matt & Luanne we're looking forward to the wedding). Jack was telling me about the hot tub party he is going to have at her house later this summer; he'll bring his life vest and float.
AND the weather was GORGEOUS! At one point we had to move our chairs to sit in the shade, I mean it was at least 70 degrees (ha-ha-ha, just kidding, we do see the sun every now and then in Seattle).
And since I promised, and you don't want to break a promise, tonight we were off to the mall. Thornley had his heart set on this Star Wars Lego set to the tune of $100, but alas, the store was out. He was good about it, didn't even throw a tantrum and had picked something else out when he spotted IT...yes, the Star Wars Lego game for the Wii. He has been wanting this FOREVER and they had 1 let that was 1/2 off!
Jack wanted some Ben 10 toy that Adam was none too thrilled about, and is super hard to find (which I'm none to thrilled about - endless trips to Target and Toys R Us with a 6 and 4 year old). While we were on our way to Baskin Robins after the Lego store I spotted it, the perfect solution for Jack - Build a Bear. Jack LOVES stuffed animals - his all have names and he takes care of them. It's his dream to have an Alaskan Husky some day. And now he does - albeit a stuffed one. He is sooooooo excited, and it's much cuter than that Ben 10 WildMutt toy he wanted.
I'll leave you with pictures of Thornley conquering the galaxy and Jack and his new Cutie.

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Not to mention a nice farmer's tan for Meghan too!