Monday, July 28, 2008


We got back from Creation yesterday. Creation is a Christian music festival that is held every year at the Gorge, in George. Adam has been going to Creation since we arrived at Newport (truly, I think we'd been here 2 weeks when he went for the 1st time), the boys and I have gone for the past 4 years, each time staying a bit longer.
The funny thing about Creation is, Adam HATES it! OK - so he doesn't hate all of it. He loves the camping part, and hanging out with the kids (both our own, and those from the youth group), and who doesn't love Janet's cooking, but he could care the stink less if he went to any of the concerts, except of course the Newsboys; and he loves going to the river (where everyone swims to get the layers of sweat and dirt off).
I on the other hand, love Creation. I like the camping, the spending time as a family with not a whole lot to do, the concerts, and eating food made by someone other than myself.
The first year the boys and I just went for the day, and I HATED it! It was so hot, and I got lost, and the boys got sunburned and it was just an overall bummer. The following year we spent 2 nights and enjoyed it. We borrowed the Ponten's tent trailer and the boys had so much fun playing in the trailer and in the blow-up pool we set up for them, I don't know if we ever actually went to a concert. Although, I heard all the headliners, as our campsite is close to the entrance and while I couldn't SEE the bands, I could HEAR them.
Last year, we stayed 3 nights in the Wilson's tent trailer (thank goodness for generous friends) and the boys had a fabulous time. Adam and I were thankful that our friend Jerry offered to stay at the campsite with the boys (who were asleep at the time) so we could see the Newsboys, who never disappoint in their shows. Last year they did this awesome drum thing, where the drummer went up on this lift and was spinning around while playing - seriously, very cool! I think the boys may have endured a worship session or two.
This year we stayed the whole time, again in the Wilson's trailer. It wasn't as hot as usual (maybe 90's), and there was a breeze. The boys had a GREAT time swimming in the Columbia, and playing with Chad's squirt gun. We took in a few concerts as a family, and Adam stayed back at the camp with the boys while I saw Skillet (great show, but not my taste in music), Toby Mac ("not bad for a 40 year old", was the comment of the teenager sitting behind me), David Crowder (great show), and the Newsboys LOVE THEM (who "put on a good show, but looked like they just got out of jail" , was the comment from some man who was walking out alongside me). Again, we had a great camping spot and we were able to hear all the headliners. Oh, and in one of the tents they had a clothing line called, "Thorn Clothing". Thornley was soooooo excited. He and I each got a shirt, and a pin that says I heart Thorn. So cute. My WE tattoo that was supposed to last for a week only lasted thru one long shower last night, kind of bummed about that.
So now we're home with loads of dirty laundry, and lots of free downloads of songs from Creation. I bummed I forgot my camera, so I have no pictures to share. The boys are happy to be home where the toilets flush and we can shop in stores and not out of tents.
Sadly, I don't think we'll be back for a few years, as next year Adam will have been at Newport 7 years, and will be able to take a sabbatical (yay!).

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cori said...

I'll go to Creation if you can find me an actual toilet (not a honeybucket) and air conditioning!