Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Men are from Home Depot, Women are from The Container Store

The boys and I just returned from a 12 day stay in California. It was fun seeing family and friends; the boys attended Day Camp at the church I grew up in, swam at my sisters, saw Wall E, and went to Marine World. While we were gone, Adam did some "home improvement" projects. I think it's funny how Adam and I differ when the other is out of town.

When Adam is gone, the boys and I get take out from the restaurants I like but Adam doesn't, and I try to clean/organize the house, get caught up on laundry, make some runs to Goodwill (usually to drop off, not shop), and of course stay sane. It never ceases to amaze me that my husband can go out of town for 21 days, and usually Cori is the only one to invite the boys and I over for dinner (I won't even go into my summer without a washer while Adam was in Jamaica for 21 days...).

When the boys and I are gone (why is it I'm never gone without the boys...) Adam takes on some project or another, he gets MANY invitations from MANY people to come over for dinner, and when he isn't invited over to someone's house he takes himself OUT to eat. This time was no exception. Adam decided to paint the stairs, which was much needed, as I can't even remember what trip the boys and I were on when he took the carpet out. Painting the stairs turned into, painting the ENTIRE entry way, stairs included, installing a new ceiling fan in the entry and putting in a new/much needed shower head in the boys bathroom. He was going to paint the hall, but ran out of time. It looks great, it really does. He has a better eye for that sort of thing than I do, and definitely is a better painter than I am (Cori and Mark can vouch for my painting "abilities").

I really appreciate all his hard work - I really do, but now I will leave you with a few pictures while I'm off to scrub the toilets and kitchen floor, and ask how one manages to only run the dishwasher once in 12 days...

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