Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to school shopping?

Since about May we've seen back to school stuff at Target (ok - so I am exaggerating, but I do think some people started back to school shopping before school was even out). Last week Thornley got a bee in his bonnet to go back to school shopping. Some of it was inspired by a commercial he'd seen for a pair of shoes he wanted (Sketchers z-straps, so cool, so fast, so awesome). He has been BEGGING me to take him shopping. I told him he'd have to wait until after Creation (super fun this year), and he did. This morning he woke up saying he was ready to go shopping. So, I printed the list of what to get (thanks for helping me remember where to find it Cori) and off we went to Target.
Now, this item wasn't on the list of what to buy, but Target has a whole bunch of new Star Wars toys in honor of the new Clone Wars movie coming out August 15th, and I figured since the boys did such a great job while at Creation, I would indulge them.

I must say, if they'd let him, he'd wear it to school, he is sooooo excited.

Then we went to Bell Square to look at the Sketcher store, and purchase a good-bye gift for the Nightingales (be afraid Matt & Luanne, be very afraid). The infamous z-straps are home and have been put to good use today. Jack was a bit disappointed that I said no to the light-up shoes, but we did find him a pretty cool pair of shoes. I decided to stop by Gap Kids to see if my friend Kara was working, and she wasn't, but guess what Gap Kids carries now...The JunkFood brand of t-shirts, and they had new Star Wars shirts - again in honor of the new movie. Pretty much between those 2 purchases I've blown my lot of back to school clothes $$.


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trembling with laughter maybe because your WE shirt is AWESOME!!