Thursday, July 17, 2008

Move over Letterman

Tonight Thornley put on his "pastor clothes" and went off to pastor. The funny thing about it was, instead of taking his Bible and "preaching", which he does from time to time, he decided to interview Emily and Zach. Now, as of late, Thornley hasn't wanted to go to bed when it's time to go to bed, so he's come downstairs a few nights now and watched Big Brother with me (yay for the summer reality tv). So Emily gets situated in the "interviewee" seat and Thornley's first question is, "What does it feel like to get evicted from the Big Brother house?" And cute Emily says, "I don't understand your question.", and then goes on to make up an answer.

Zach is next and Thornley asks him, "How would you feel if I said you were fired?" Now where he got that from, I have no idea, because truly, the kid has NEVER watched the Apprentice. Zach wasn't as excited to be interviewed, so Thornley had to take a bit more aggressive stance, as can be seen in the picture.


Matt Nightingale said...

This is awesome!! I love it...

Anonymous said...

How fun to hear what my kids were doing while I was away. I'm not surprised with Emily's response. She is not familar with Big Brother, however she loves Extreme Home Makeover and is great at yelling, "Move that Bus!" :) Thanks for taking care of the twins and feeding half of my family this week!