Friday, December 14, 2007

You're Freaking Kidding Me!

I just finished addressing the 100th Christmas card - yes that's 100 cards, and get this - I'm 10 short!
The problem is that I can't order them from Snapfish and pick them up at Walgreens, because Rob did such a good job with our pictures that they think they're professional and won't give them to us without his written approval! (funny thing is, they won't give them to Rob without his written approval).
I'm off to Target tomorrow to buy more cards - the good news is I saw some cute photo cards when I was in there the other day, but didn't buy them because they said 2007 and, silly me, thought I had enough cards for this year.
If you're card is late, the return address might read Rubber Room #1 - anyone care to join me, maybe we can get a group rate?!

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