Saturday, December 8, 2007

Is this what Santa goes thru?

Last night I started feeling the stress of Christmas; all the things left to do, so I mentally started making my To Do list. One of the things left to do is buy Christmas gifts for the boys' Sunday School teachers. The bad thing about staying for 2 services at church is having 8 teachers to buy for! The good thing is, Jack joins Thornley during the 2nd service, so it does cut down on the number a bit.

This morning I asked Jack what he wanted to get for his teachers; his list is as follows:
Teacher Sally & Teacher Diane - snowman cup
Teacher Doug - a Christmas tree with a snowman on it and a star on top.
I asked him where we could find such a gift for teacher Doug, and he told me to look on

Mrs Darla (the most AWESOME Sunday School teacher EVER) - the same as teacher Doug, or an ornament
Mrs Cannonball (aka - Mrs Cari) - a girl toy.
Again, I asked where do you get a girl toy? (I had a few stores in mind, but frankly would never walk thru their doors, and are those gifts really appropriate for a Sunday School teacher?)
Jack says we need to look on Adam happened to be on the computer at the time, so I told Jack to ask daddy to look up, a bit fearful of what we might find.
Low and behold, is a Christian dating sight. To bad Mrs Cannonball got married in March; I don't think she needs a membership.

Thornley wants to give everyone (in his words) sweets. I think Mr Tjelle might think it odd when I write in his card, "Sweets for the sweet!"

I am glad the boys are thoughtful, and creative. With that I'm off to Starbucks to buy them all gift cards!

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