Friday, December 7, 2007

The Anatomy of a Christmas Card

It's that time of the year again - Christmas Card time.
I love picking out our cards and writing our letter, but it is such a process - this year it seems more so than years past.
We went to Becca & Rob's in November to have our picture taken. I think out of 20 pictures we had one good one. Picture done.
Then it was time to find the perfect photo card on Snapfish - not an easy task, but one I take on with much determination.
Since we ordered our cards early we got the early bird discount - a good thing since we order like 100 cards. The cards came, I think they're nice. Cards done.
Now the letter...I love trying to be creative and write our letter. This year, again, not an easy task. I tried a few different versions, but finally went with the one that went with the "theme" of our card. Letter done.
Time to copy the letter. I found paper I liked, but not enough, so I bought it having faith that I would go do a different Target and find more of the same paper - wrong!! So finally today at Target I found paper that would work, again, not super excited about it, but it will work. Letter copying done.
My task for today is to address all the envelopes. I know, I should put them in the computer and print labels, but the addresses are the ONLY thing handwritten about the letter, so I address away.
It may take a few days to send them because I need stamps, and well, stamps cost money and after buying the cards and the paper for the letter, and I'll probably need a new ink cartridge for our printer after making all the copies, I have no money for stamps!
Why is wishing people a Merry Christmas such a process?!

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Mark said...

Your mom could buy the printer cartridge - git-r-done