Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Today we woke up to snow, and the boys were outside playing in it by 7:00.

Jack absolutely LOVES Christmas decorations, and yesterday we were at Target and he stood mesmerized watching this particular one, so how could I tell him no. It's so cute and plays Christmas carols. He stands in front of it and dances to the music (pardon the Halloween cards still in the background).

The snow stopped for a while, and I went to the Christmas Luncheon at church to hear my friend Becca, and enjoy the company of friends. Before I left I asked Adam which car I should take, and he said to take mine because he was sure it was done snowing. I could hardly make it back up our hill, the snow was coming down so hard and fast! Here are a few of our outdoor decorations, and our yard covered in snow. (I love our snow covered yard - it covers up so much and actually makes our yard look pretty!)

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