Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are We Turning into THAT Family?

We always said we wouldn't sign our kids up for this, that, and the other: every season a different sport, swim lessons, piano lessons, art lessons, blah blah blah..., especially since the boys are only 5 and 7, and I refuse to pay good money for an activity until they are able to really understand what they're doing and retain the information.
That being said...
The first week of school Jack brought home a brochure from Bellevue Park and Rec, and after looking thru it, we decided to sign Jack up for indoor soccer lessons. It's once a week, for 45 minutes, on Tuesdays while Thornley is still in school. I think it will be good for him, especially when the rain starts! He seems excited - he is the sports lover, so hopefully this will be a good experience for him. I do refuse to become soccer mom, who has to refinance our house to pay for year around soccer teams, but for now, it should be something special and fun for him.
Thornley has no interest in sports of any kind, so we decided to sign him up for piano lessons. He went for his introductory lesson yesterday and really liked it. He has early release on Weds, so Adam was able to get him a lesson right after school, and will take him; which is perfect because I don't have early release on Wed, and otherwise he and Jack just hang out with me and teach my class important stuff like how to arm fart.
Hopefully, we won't turn into that family that has a list a mile long of all the things they "have" to do on any given day because of all the activities their kids are signed up for! First of all because we can't afford it, and second of all because I've been convicted more and more lately that they're only kids once so they need lots of time to just be a kid and use their imaginations and PLAY!

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