Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day Hurray!

I won't brag or boast, because who knows what tomorrow brings, but so far so good on the school front! I am exhausted, and so are the boys, but they enjoyed their first day of school, which makes life so much easier on the home front. Thornley must really like his teacher, he actually did his homework before I asked, AND read in Spanish!
Jack was so cute, grown up and serious (so NOT Jack) waiting for his class to start. He said school was a bit boring (sound familiar Andrea?), all they did was practice lining up and sitting correctly at circle time - all important aspects of school I told him. Perhaps tomorrow they will learn some Spanish and get homework (something else he was upset about, so I made up homework for him).
Thornley is GIDDY about school, his best friend is in his class which right there makes for a good school year. He tried to complain, but in the end admitted that his teacher is fun and funny and he likes her.
What a difference a year (and a lot of prayer) makes! Hoping for continued success and a fun year!

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