Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hola Kindergarten

Tonight Jack had his "meet the teacher" for kindergarten, he was SOOOOOOO excited. Even Thornley wanted to go along to see his room and show him the ropes of actually GOING to school at Puesta, not just hanging out in the library and lunch room, although, Thornley asked me if we could go in the office and ask who HIS teacher was going to be - a bit of anxiety going on as he won't find out until tomorrow or Friday. Heaven forbid we find out too much in advance lest all us angry parents storm the office demanding our children switch classes - seriously people, help the anxiety ridden youth out!

But I digress...I like Jack's teacher, I think she'll be a great fit for him - sweet, friendly, but no-nonsense get down to business type. I'm trying to be fair since I ADORED Sra Bier; I'll give this one a fair fighting chance and assume the best. jack went in, introduced himself, found his seat and sat thru her "presentation" where she explained what goes on during a "typical" day at kindergarten. She talked a lot about picking up and dropping off and the bus schedule, perhaps this is why, when at the end when she asked for questions Jack raised his hand and asked, "If our parents forget what time school starts, well, what do we do about that?". Dear, sweet, Jack, I love you, but believe me, I'd never FORGET to take you to school! I was proud of him though for raising his hand and asking a question.

He's excited, and so is Thornley, although he'd never admit it. This is the day I've been waiting for - both my boys in school every day, and yet, it makes me sad at the same time. They're getting so big...sigh...

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