Monday, October 1, 2007

The non-life threatening emergency

I will admit, I was the mother who would brag that my boys slept thru the night early on. I think Thornley was like 4-6 weeks old. Jack a bit older, but still; he'd cry, I'd wake up, feed him, put him back to sleep. So why is it that now they have a hard time sleeping thru the night?
Every night at bedtime we go thru the routine; me, "Don't get out of bed, unless it's an emergency". Thornley, "Or if we have to go to the bathroom (yeah right, their sheets are almost thread-bare I wash them so much), or we're sick". Me, "That's right". Jack, "Or if we think it's morning". Me, "Yes, in the morning you may get out of bed".
So tonight I'm downstairs watching tv talking to my husband on the phone, and here comes Jack down the stairs. "What are you doing?", I ask him. "Mommy, it's an emergency.", he tells me. "What's the emergency?", I ask. "I need to snuggle."
I chose not to call 911, but instead let him sit on my lap and watch a bit of the Monday Night Football game with me.

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Rebecca said...

Yeah! For some reason, earlier it didn't have the comment clicky part up. SO... this is very very very cute. You could send this into the Readers Digest! I love it!!!