Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Lord Gives and the Lord takes away

I was talking with Adam on Friday about how we have 2 special events coming up at church that I'm the hostess for, so that means some extra money. I was excited to finish the month off with perhaps some money left in the account, perhaps some money set aside for Christmas, perhaps some new clothes, the list of possibilities went on and on.
A few hours later Adam decided to mow the lawn - a special event in and of itself. I heard a strange noise and looked out the window to see Adam's head in his hands as he trudged over to the neighbor's house. Apparently what I'd heard was a rock that had been thrown from the mower hitting and shattering the neighbor's car window.
No big deal, I thought, we'll pay his deductable and be done with it. But no, our neighbor doesn't have comprehensive insurance, only liability. So it's a good thing we have 2 special events at our church at the end of the month because we now get to replace our neighbor's car window.
Hopefully, this doesn't mean that Adam will no longer mow the lawn!

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Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh... that is sooo awful. I'm sooo sorry!! It just seems like that doesn't it? Rob got some extra money for a patent, and then I got my car towed, and ticketed... there it went... So I guess things even out - but next time we get something "extra" what that really means is we will get towed or break a window in the near future, and that there will be provision for that. =) UGH!!!