Sunday, October 21, 2007

Alternative Medicine

Why haven't I blogged in a week - simple, really; sleep deprivation! Why must every member of my family insist on waking me up at different times in the night? First it's Jack, then Thornley, and with out a doubt my husband once or twice with either his snoring or grinding of teeth. Why can't they just let sleeping Meghan lie?!
On a side note, I thought you mom's out there might be interested in a new form of alternative medicine. With all these recalls on infant's cold medicine (which by the way, I am a big fan of), I thought I'd fill you in on some ground breaking new cure for the common cold - pretzels. That's right, Rold Gold tiny twists, according to Jack cure what ails you. Just last night, I was sitting downstairs watching a football game, eating my snack, and here comes Jack, down the stairs to tell me he has a cold. "What do you want me to do about that?" I asked.
"Oh, hmmm, I need some pretzels mommy," he replied.
"Pretzels, that will make your cold better?" I double checked.
"Yep," he told me with a mouth full of pretzel crumbs.
Just to let you know, it doesn't cure a cough - what kept Thornley (and therefore me) up last night.
When I discover that medical breakthrough, I'll let you know!

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