Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Men are from Mars and Women Aren't and other Gender Related Issues

I know that's not technically the title of that popular book that came out years ago, that was all the rage, giving us Scientific evidence that men and women are different. Glad someone cleared that up, because it was confusing me!
Those of you that know me well, know we're not a family big on "gender roles". If women want to work outside the home, fine by us! I'm, actually, very thankful for those women who have diagnosed my sick kids, and those who have faithfully and lovingly given them a quality education.
Feel free to quote verses at me night and day giving me your Biblical perspective/interpretation - I know them all! I went to a VERY conservative school growing up, where when women got married, they could no longer work at the school - except for my Kindergarten teacher, maybe because her kids were grown, I don't know, never really thought about that until now...
Anyway, I digress...
I have friends that stay home, and friends that work, and choose not to judge them or their decisions. I have been fortunate to have a job that lets me put family first, and I'm able to drop my kids off every day at school and (most days) pick them up. Over the years I have had many "professional" aspirations, but I've always known I wanted to be a wife and mom.
Now, while we don't have the stated "roles" in our house, we do have unspoken "understandings". I plan the meals, do the majority of the shopping and cleaning; if it's inside the house, I (mostly) take care of it; if it's outside I consider that Adam's domain. Lawn needs to be mowed - Adam, windows need to be washed - Adam, deck needs to be stained - Adam, dinner needs to be BBQ'ed - Adam.
Which leads me to tonight's dilemma - Adam is out of town (country to be exact) and the boys wanted burgers and I wanted a steak. Now, not getting married until I was 29 has also taught me to be somewhat independent, but BBQ'ing is not something I've ever done. I can start the grill, but once it's time to put the meat on, I'm clueless! And we all know steak cooked in the oven is just not as good! I'm kind of proud of myself - I went to the store, bought the meat, sucked it up and asked the guy behind the counter how the heck to BBQ. You know - didn't turn out too bad - ok the boys burgers were a bit burned, but what with my fear of e-coli and all, my motto is you can't cook burgers too much, and while my kabob was a bit more done than usual it was pretty good!
Will I make this a habit - no. Do I want you to come over and teach me to mow my lawn - no. Am I looking forward to my husband re-entering this time zone and coming home - yes.
But for now I'm glad I had a good dinner!

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