Thursday, January 15, 2009

Taking a Trip to the Impound Yard

It's Pinewood Derby time, which is a big thing in Cub Scout land. All a totally knew concept in the Anderson house, but you get a block of wood and out of it sculpt the car that will go the fastest. So Adam, Thornley, and our friends Jim & Chris have been diligently working on Thornley's car. He (Thornley) is very proud of it and looking forward to racing it tomorrow night. Last night was impound night for all the cars so after Adam's talk at youth group, he and Thornley headed off to the elementary school to have his car weighed and be assigned a number. I'll have to post an update and let you know how his car did. For now here are some pictures. Let's just hope his car is faster than fast, just like the "real" Lightning McQueen!

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