Friday, January 16, 2009

Meghan Anderson and her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Today was just one of those days. What I would like to be doing is tucking in my 4 year old and sitting on the couch watching mindless TV, while my husband takes the 6 year old to Cub Scouts. But alas, it is Pinewood Derby night and Thornley REALLY wants me to see his car race and Jack REALLY wants to see Thornley's car race.
It is the end of a long week. I'm having parent conferences this week, which just seems odd to me that in preschool you have conferences, but we do, so I am. My class has been talking about weather this week; snow in particular, so today we were making this really cute Snowman, Snowman book; very similar to Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and a good review of shapes and colors. This morning I printed out all the pages of the book and when I got to work used the stencils to copy the shapes so they would be perfect. But, oops! Put them on the wrong page. Finally got the book put together the right way started the copying process and headed out to take Thornley to school. As we're crossing the street, the crossing guard says, "Good thing you have your coat on, there is a fire drill today". Of course, Thornley FREAKS OUT and wants me to stay with him all day. Wow, it is a good thing the fire drill was first thing, like 30 seconds after the bell rang so we were all still out in the hall listening to the fire alarm bouncing off cement walls. Finally back at work, one of the parents tells me at drop off time that his child threw up this morning, but they're sure he's ok, because after all it was only once and now he seems fine. The kid does have a cold; coughed, sneezed and generally was miserable all morning, but come to find out there was an afternoon playdate scheduled so apparently even when you're in preschool the show must go on! And how the conversation at snack time came around to the airplane crash last night, I have no idea, but I hope I don't get too many phone calls from disgruntled parents!
And the piece de resistance had to be when Jack walked into the kitchen while I was trying to get dinner on the table, with his shirt pulled up to his chin and says to me, "Look at my man boobs mom".
I could go on, but oh dear, it's almost time to go start the proverbial "engines" at the Pinewood derby.

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